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Because this Fascist regime in Cooperstown New York I must Temporarily End the "Hall Of Shamer Of The Month"

Every time they don't like something on this website my brother and I get arrested.



With Halloween almost here it is appropriate to choose a real monster for October; and who is more monstrous than Brian Burns? He is a man who was caught lying regarding the sentencing of a sixteen year old boy, and who then used his position to have someone arrested in order to prevent a legal protest. He is dangerous to all free citizens.

The attorney for my nephew, Frank Policelli, has stated in open court and in a newspaper that Brian Burns is a liar. For an officer of the court to accuse a sitting judge of lying is unheard of. According to the rules of ethics a lawyer cannot accuse a judge of such grave misconduct unless he can prove it. And Mr. Policelli can prove that Brian Burns lied. When sentencing my teenage nephew Burns said he had read all of the nearly 70 letters that he received in support of my nephew. He said he read them all and took them into consideration. He thanked all of the authors. He NEVER stated any of the letters were inappropriate. Less than a few weeks later, however, Burns swore out a criminal complaint against my brother stating that my brother’s letter had threatened him, and he feared his family was in danger. 

One of these statements must have been a lie. Either Burns found the letters helpful or found my brother’s letter threatening. Either Burns lied to a teenager’s lawyer stating that all of the letters submitted were helpful or he lied to police to get my brother arrested. How often does a sitting judge get caught in such a lie? Only an egotistical monster such as Burns would so flagrantly lie. He abuses the truth in order to get his way, his revenge. He has no concern for justice.

And why was he swearing out a criminal complaint against my brother? Because my brother wanted to have a legal protest against Burns for misusing his office. Burns apparently does not care for free speech and, when he learned of the protest, he forced police in Oneonta and a City judge to charge my brother with harassment. Harassment for wishing to have a nonviolent protest. Mr. Burns is quite an American, quite a defender of the Constitution.

These ridiculous charges were summarily dismissed by a judge from Norwich on Constitutional grounds. Amazingly a judge found that it is not criminal harassment in America to lawfully protest. It does not take a lawyer to realize that the 1st Amendment would be hollow if every protester could be arrested for annoying someone. So why didn’t “judge” Brian Burns know this? I believe he did know it, but he was willing to spit on the Constitution to protect his reputation. Now an attorney is preparing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the City of Oneonta and Brian Burns PERSONALLY for this corrupt use of power to pre-emptively stop citizens from lawfully protesting.

Burns has used all of his buddies, such as DA John Muehl and fellow judge Martin Smith, to seek revenge on my brother, but Burns cannot stop the lawsuit and tremendous expense that is heading his way. He demands to be called “the honorable” Brian Burns but, in fact, he is an un-American liar, a corrupt New York politician. He is decidedly dis-honorable, a danger to all free people. He is a living monster and that is why he deserves to be a permanent member of the Hall of Shame.



PEDIATRICIAN – September 2012

This is a cautionary tale for all parents out there. Chris Kjolhede is a long time 
pediatrician at Bassett Healthcare but his actions, in 2010, call into question 
whether he truly cares for children. He is, by all accounts, a far left hippie, part 
of the Fly Creek loon farm and member of the unholy church of Thomas 
Pullyblank. He marches to end war and declares his aversion to “the man”. But 
when put to the test Chris demonstrated he is far more willing to bow to 
authority than protect his patient. In short, he is a tool.

Kjolhede had been Anthony Pacherille’s doctor for many years. My reports 
indicate he was pleasant and apparently showed great concern for all of the 
children of Cooperstown. When Anthony was brought to the intensive care unit 
at Bassett, after attempting suicide, the good doctor stopped by to check on 
his patient. If Kjolhede ended his involvement there nothing critical could be 
said of the man.

However, after several weeks District Attorney John Muehl was getting pissy 
because he wanted Anthony in a jail, not a hospital. The problem is that 
Anthony’s surgeon insisted he remain hospitalized due to a large hole which 
ran from the top of his palette into his sinus cavity. The hole was not healing 
properly and the surgeon feared more surgery would be necessary. Also, 
psychiatrists at Bassett were attempting to begin some measure of psychiatric 
treatment to a 16 year old boy who had nearly ended his life.

But in Cooperstown medical decisions are made by the sadist John Muehl. 
Muehl ordered Sheriff Devlin to remove Anthony from the hospital regardless of 
his surgeon’s medical opinion. But there was one problem for Devlin. Before an 
inmate can leave a hospital a doctor must examine the patient and give it a 
medical OK. So who did Devlin call? Chris Kjolhede of course, friend and fellow 
church member with the Lippitts. The incest within Cooperstown is vile.

So Chris did an exam. The problem is that he intentionally did NOT consult with 
Anthony’s surgeon. He intentionally did NOT consult with psychiatry. He simply 
gave Anthony a brief exam and said he was fit. Devlin quickly pulled Anthony 
out of Bassett and his surgeon did not learn he was gone until that evening. As 
a result it was impossible for Anthony to receive further care for the wound 
and, to this day, he must wear a guard in his mouth to cover the hole. It is, in 
effect, a daily reminder to him about how he was treated and by whom. Of 
course I will never let him forget.

So that is the bleeding heart, peace marching, authority mocking Chris 
Kjolhede. When put to the test he showed that a small order from a Sheriff 
caused him to disregard the health of his patient. His fear and subservience to 
police power demonstrate he is a coward. He cares so much for the children of 
Iraq but does not give a damn about a child right before him. He is a hypocrite 
and, therefore, deserves a place in the Hall of Shame.




For those of you who do not know, Tom Grace was the Cooperstown reporter 
for the Daily Star. It has been a little over one year since he retired so I thought 
I should pay homage to this incompetent dis-Grace.

First, I admit I feel for a man who sets out to be a great journalist and winds up 
covering a tiny village in a tiny county for a half ass newspaper. It is like 
setting out to be a great Parisian chef and ending up flipping burgers in Des 
Moines. But that was Tom Grace. Cooperstown was as far as he could get 
because he was a bad writer, a bad reporter and a bad person.

I suppose he was good enough to cover the occasional pumpkin fest or Jane 
Clark’s latest gracious gift to mankind, but in 2010 Mr. Grace was called upon 
to cover one of the largest criminal cases in Otsego County history. And how 
did he do? He failed at every level.

Grace never got the full story. He apparently did not know shorthand so he 
wrote slowly and apparently this caused him to miss most of the information 

Grace was lazy. Early on he wrote a template of the story of Pacherille “who is 
white” and Lippitt “who is black.” As the months and years passed Grace 
continued to use the same template, simply changing or adding information.

Grace, and his editor Sam Pollack, are bigots. He was asked once why he so 
freely applied the racial tags white and black without ever asking someone’s 
heritage? What makes someone “white” in the Daily Star? Is a North African 
white? An Arab? Grace, and Pollak, both admitted they never bothered to ask 
Anthony’s ethnicity. He claimed that since he “looked” white he was therefore 
white. Now if I said someone “looked” Jewish do you think Grace or Pollak 
would approve? You see, they are left wing bigots – too blind to see they are 
bigoted. My brother formally asked that Anthony be referred to as Italian 
because that was accurate. After all, what does “white” mean? Grace and 
Pollak refused. They are bigots.

But worst of all Grace was incompetent to the point of being dangerous. When 
Anthony agreed to accept a plea deal Grace quickly printed that he agreed to 
plead to a hate crime when that was NEVER an option. The entire reading 
public received patently false information and Grace and the Daily Star made 
no attempt to point out the error to the public. Does Grace ever feel guilty for 
causing so much damage to a sixteen year old boy? 

After the plea in April 2011 Grace retired. Possibly he realized his own 
incompetence and decided to step aside. But, by then, he had done so much 
damage. His journalistic eulogy must include the words lazy, incompetent and 
dangerous. I think it would have been better if he had chosen burger flipping as 
a career. And that is why Tom Grace is a charter member of the Hall of Shame.






MUEHL – July 2012

Of all the corrupt despicable people I have met in government service there is no creature as lowly as John Muehl. Over the past year I have done my best to expose his corruption to the world, but now he has added to the absurdity by actually using his office to steal computers from teenage girls. 

The 4th of July is here and everyone in the Perfect Village is quick to hang their American flags and have parades and go to picnics. Being a good American to them is like a free gift that they enjoy but are willing to do nothing to protect and defend. In their midst is an evil District Attorney who undermines America for personal gain. How many flag flyers in Cooperstown, in Otsego County, care about that? 

It was one year ago that John Muehl sent in his personal shock troops Michael Ten Eyck and Covert to raid my brother’s home and seize computers. Why? Because Muehl stated my website, this website, was offensive to him and the Lippitts. Yes, in Muehl’s twisted mind, he is comfortable breaking into a private home and seizing computers because words are offensive – not threatening – just offensive. Muehl should have gone to the Village justice Leslie Friedman for a search warrant, but she is an actual independent intelligent lawyer and Muehl knew she wouldn’t do it. So Muehly went to his corrupt ignorant buddy justice Wolff who would sign toilet paper if ole John Muehl asked him to. 

At the time I did not have internet access at my home because I live in a very rural location. So I used my brother’s internet to build this website. John Muehl knew I owned the domain, he knew I was the stated author of the site, and he knew damn well it is the most basic right of all American’s to speak their mind. Nevertheless he raided my brother’s home, thereby attempting to inflict revenge on my brother who had been very critical of Muehl in the newspapers. I have my own internet now, Johnny, so if you want to try another illegal raid I will be happy to sue you too.

Muehl even informed Craig Lippit of the exact time the raid would take place. Officer Ten Eyck later stated, and this is on tape, that Craig repeatedly drove by my brother’s home while the troops were there, apparently getting his jollies off watching.

Three computers were taken from my brother’s house. Two of them were laptops that belonged to my nieces, two teenaged girls (one a high school student the other a college student). Ten Eyck promised they would be returned within two months. And now, one year later, the computers have never been returned. Muehl refuses to return them and he refuses to say where they are. Of course he is being sued for this, but imagine what this does to young people when their only encounter with law enforcement is to have their most valuable possession stolen. Yes, it is thievery. Muehl took the computers knowing he had no right to do so, and he refuses to give them back. John Muehl is a dirty no good thief. He belongs in jail.

And this is not the only case where Muehl used his office to settle personal scores. There is another family in Hartwick that was forced to abandon their home, with their three children, because Muehl was having them regularly arrested because they are in a dispute with a good ole boy neighbor. The good ole boy calls his buddy John Muehl who sends out his shock troops and the bogus arrests begin. The folks are dragged in front of a pretend judge in Hartwick who is a friend of Muehl and you get Otsego County “justice”.

Recently some clown in Cooperstown named Davis complained that I am always carrying on about the 1st Amendment and the Constitution. Is that what America and Otsego County have come to? Is it now a sin to believe in the real America as set forth by the founding fathers? Or, have we just become sheep who keep quiet and pay taxes afraid that John Muehl may come knocking at the door? Is it so damn important to be politically correct or to be a “good ole boy” that you are willing to give up what little Liberty you have left?

Wake up Otsego County. There is a truly evil man serving as your DA. He undermines America. He is self-serving, and he is a threat to your Liberty. And just to top it off he was just given a nice pay raise from $120,000 per year to a staggering $140,300 per year. In 2011 Judge Brian Burns made less than $136,000. So The DA actually makes more than the judge. And what do we get for the money? A shameful redneck willing to piss on America to protect himself and his buddies. All of this is why DA John Muehl deserves a permanent place, not only in the Hall of Shame, but also the in ninth circle of hell.


A personal note to John Muehl.. I know you believe you were just "doing your job" but I believe you were a cruel ruthless person to lock away a 16 year old mentally ill child who had just shot himself in the head for 11 years in maximum security prison with the worst of the worst. For this reason I will, until my dying day, remind people the kind of person you are. Uncle Dave


Nichols.jpg (57089 bytes) Nichols_2_2.jpg (13543 bytes)


Many of you know Ms. Nichols, the former Cooperstown Chief of Police. How many of you respect her as a police officer? How many like her as human being?

In my opinion she should never have been the Chief of Police. There was another more qualified candidate for the job, but, alas, he was a man and his daddy was not a former chief of police in Cooperstown. So then Mayor Carol Waller did the politically correct thing, the “good old girl” thing, and hired Diana declaring Cooperstown had its first woman chief.

Diana’s father, Hank Nichols, is an ugly warped man, but we can discuss him at a later date. His incompetent daughter wanted to be a real chief like her daddy and Mayor Waller had to play the Cooperstown game. Of course there were problems with Diana from the beginning. She refused to actually patrol like a real cop and preferred to sit in her office. Soon after getting the job she conveniently injured herself at a karate class and became officially quasi-disabled. I don’t know why she needed to learn karate since I was told she rarely left her office, but nevertheless she spent the rest of her time as chief sitting quietly in her office or hiding at home. So I have been told.

Her career highlight was the day Anthony Pacherille snapped and, while Sheriff Devlin was the first authority on the scene and acted professionally, Diana was quick to put on her uniform and begin a media tour. She was taking calls from news sources around the state speculating wildly about the facts and giving her opinions. It was so bad newly elected Mayor Joe Booan had to order her to shut up – I have been told that is no easy task. 

And so she continued on in her position for a few more years constantly butting heads with anyone who dared question her authority. She even had the audacity to argue with overlord Jane Clark, master of Cooperstown. She was disciplined for the sacrilege of questioning the mighty overlord but then the lawsuits began and eventually she took her disability retirement with a healthy pension. And what exactly did she ever contribute? 

If the story ended there it is, I admit, rather boring and typical of New York corruption. But recent federal court papers have revealed that Ms. Nichols apparently abused her position as Chief of Police to retaliate against a former Cooperstown police officer, Officer Gilbert, who was forced to leave the force due to the sexual perversions of Sgt. Mark Fassett. According to court papers Sgt. Fassett, now the acting Chief of Police, verbally sexually abused Gilbert with filthy suggestions and allusions. Nichols apparently did nothing and Gilbert was forced to leave the office and file a federal lawsuit. But instead of opening an investigation into Fassett’s behavior Nichols went out of her way to retaliate against Gilbert. In particular, Gilbert states that she had found new employment at Bassett Healthcare but Diana called Bassett and accused Gilbert of sexually abusing her beloved Sergeant! And Bassett actually believed this and fired Gilbert!

Of course Gilbert added Nichols retaliatory acts to her lawsuit and a few weeks ago the suit was quietly settled for an undisclosed amount. I have had reports that Gilbert was paid a very large amount.

So that is Cooperstown native and former chief Diana Nichols. Opportunistic, vindictive, petty and corrupt. These are all words I am sure Officer Gilbert would use to describe her. What would former Mayor Booan say about her? What would the almighty Jane Clark say? I say her role playing chief was pathetic, but absolutely what Cooperstown deserves. A pathetic chief for a pathetic place. And that is why she has earned a place in the Hall of Shame. 




As you all know, when there is a big news story there are always people in the back hallways attempting to use the misfortune of others to their benefit. Americans have become accustomed to such vermin.

For the past two years Thomas Pullyblank of Fly Creek Methodist has been the serpent of this story. He is a  hypocrite who has used the misery of Wesley Lippitt, Anthony Pacherille, and the CCS boys sodomized by Jefrrey Flynn to promote himself and his left wing ministry of the dysfunctional.

His dream, from the beginning, was to have a march, a glorious march through Cooper Park to relive the misery of April 2, 2010. I imagine he envisioned himself at the front of the march preaching to the ignorant about racism and violence and whatever else he could pull out of his bag of tricks. He would become an important spiritual guru in Otsego County, the Jimmy Swaggart of the Methodists. But, alas, no other clergy supported his march and it was canceled.

He tried again about a year later, but again his dream was crashed when he found no support. Fast forward to 2012 and now he can cull support from the hate filled families of the bullies and sodomites at Cooperstown School who wish me dead. He also now can rely on the “love it or leave” Cooperstown elitist crowd, such as Milo Stewart, who want their old calm Stepford lives back. And so, this despicable Machiavellian man got his March of the Damned.

Now, to date, he and his friends have given three purposes for the march. First, it was to protest me and my website, which these elitists find uncivil. Next, it was a healing march for poor Wesley who has been so wounded since getting scratched in the arm. And, lastly, it was a healing march for Wesley and the boys sodomized at CCS. Where to begin? Does anyone truly believe he cares about the plight of young black Americans. He could be a missionary in Africa. He could work in the inner city. But he is in Fly Creek New York. Does he really appear to care for black America?

Does he care about Anthony Pacherille, a young boy bullied by Lippit to the point of suicide? He does not give a damn if Anthony lived or died. And what about the boys sodomized at CCS? I did not see them at the march. No, I saw the sodomite Flynn and his family marching proudly. I saw other deviants such as the thug Michael Moakler walking proudly – no victims.

Use all the fancy, pretty, sugary words you want Bullyplank – I see you for what you really are. The ranting anti-Catholic diatribe you printed in the Daily Star gives a clue. You are a frustrated EX-Catholic who, deep down, lusts for the legitimacy and power of a REAL clergyman. You are petty, and you have no difficulty stepping upon on the backs of the many children hurt to build some fame, some congregation.

 You write cheap smutty dime store novels apparently hoping for secular literary fame. A surprise? See the log in your own eye Tom. You are vengeful toward a Church that would not have you. You are wrathful toward a God that made you less than average. You are envious of the fame or infamy that others have gained while you sit in your own little world. 

Thomas Pullyblank finally had his march, and he walked proudly in the front. Big deal. He nevertheless returned to his pathetic church. The misery of many children continues, but I don’t think he cares about that. Pullyblank seeks only his own fifteen minutes of fame. And that is why Thomas Pullyblank belongs permanently, eternally, in the Hall of Shame.




Tracey Lippitt crop.jpg (29453 bytes)

Moakler Lippitt Pic crop.jpg (31016 bytes)

Beth Moakler crop.jpg (30146 bytes)


Two lovely ladies share the honor of shame in April. Two women who have gone to such lengths to deny their children are bullies that they have reached a point where they defend sexual attacks on young boys. Their denial has twisted them into something ugly and vile.

I, fortunately, had never known these people. DA John Muehl complained privately that Tracey Lippitt was a pest that constantly nagged him, but Tracey always seemed quiet – spooky but quiet. I never heard of Beth Moakler. But then I began this website and, given reports from a number of sources, I named their children (Wesley Lippitt and Michael Moakler) as bullies at Cooperstown School. That is when these two became active. 

Neither woman ever denied their boys were thugs, neither seemed to care. Wesley gave an interview to the Daily Star where he denied being a bully, but who would admit to being a monster? Instead, each woman went on a strange campaign of passive rage directed, not at me, but rather my brother. The two began showing up at all court dates looking like some grotesque Dickens’ characters sitting next to the guillotine.

Jeffrey Flynn’s mother, Linda, was there too, but then the world was reminded how cruel Flynn actually was when he was caught, along with four other boys, sodomizing younger boys on the CCS football team. Apparently Linda must have realized her son needed help and she disappeared. But not Lippitt and Moakler. Their savagery is far too deep to be dissuaded. Moakler was once quoted in the paper that my brother “harasses” her son because of this website. She seems unable or incapable of understanding that I am not my brother, and that my brother has nothing to do with this site or anything else. But I suppose their venom has blinded them. 

I suppose Beth simply believes her son is perfect so I must be mad. Interestingly she constantly calls my brother and his family mentally unstable but never mentions me. Perhaps she thinks I am a phantom. Tracey, I believe, doesn’t care what Wesley really is. She appears far too concerned in making Wesley the black martyr of Otsego County. I assume April 2nd has become a holiday for her like MLK day. Instead of seeing the sadness and horror of the day she appears to bask in it – it confirms in her mind that most whites are evil racists but she has proven herself superior and therefore better than the rest of us.

And this is the way it stood for some months until Flynn was suspended and charged for sodomizing young boys. Now they had a problem because the world could see my assertions were correct and suddenly their children did not appear so innocent to the public. Linda Flynn was smart and disappeared, but not Lippitt and Moakler. Their viciousness is too great. So what did they do? They came to the defense of Flynn in a very public way. When Flynn is due in court they drive in, together, to show support, dare I say approval, of his deviant sexual acts. 

What a strange path they have taken from defending their children to defending sodomy. What drove them along the path? Hatred, anger and I suspect some shame. And, therefore, because of their ugly motives, they deserve a place in the Hall of Shame.




Basset Healthcare has earned a place as this month’s Hall of Shamer for a very specific reason. A reason that not only affects Anthony Pacherille but all people who seek medical treatment at Bassett. Namely, your privacy and confidentiality are NOT protected at Bassett, and Bassett officials don’t care.

As you may remember, Anthony Pacherille, at age sixteen, spent some eight weeks at Bassett chained to a bed. As his story ran through newspapers and television it is understandable that many that work at Bassett were tempted to violate his confidentiality and look at his records. Anthony’s parents assumed that Bassett would have anticipated this and taken the necessary precautions to prevent a breach in confidentiality. Bassett did not.

Also, as you may recall, Wesley Lippitt, the black thug Anthony shot at, has an adopted father who works at Bassett and has access to private information and private rooms. Anthony’s parents assumed Bassett would anticipate the danger of revenge and take the necessary precautions. Bassett did not.

Anthony’s parents would never have known what was done to their son at Bassett if several doctors had not notified them even though Bassett warned all employees to stay quiet.

First, a doctor came to Anthony’s home and told his parents a shocking story of how Craig Lippitt, a physician’s assistant at Bassett, had walked past police guarding Anthony’s room using his Bassett credentials and entered Anthony’s room while he was in a comatose state. No one knows what Lippitt did to Anthony. A Bassett employee saw Lippitt and notified security, NOT the police. Lippitt had a disciplinary hearing where he was given a paid leave. Everyone was ordered by Bassett authorities to never tell Anthony or his parents about what Craig Lippitt did. A year ago when someone anonymously told me that Craig Lippitt was removed from pediatrics and sent to plastic surgery because of allegations that he touched young boys I completely dismissed the story as a wild rumor. But now, given Bassett’s track record for covering up illegal and/or immoral behavior, I must ask whether there is any credibility to the rumor?

Another doctor at Bassett recently notified Anthony’s father that not one, but as many as ten Bassett employees had illegally accessed Anthony’s medical records. He was told that three employees were fired and others disciplined. Again, it was ordered that no one notify the Pacherille family.

My brother, given these amazing revelations, contacted two Bassett authorities. First, he called Adam Marcello about the potentially criminal behavior of Craig Lippitt. My brother felt that an apology, at least, was in order. Mr. Marcello promised to return his call but never did.

Second, my brother called Deb Dolan of Bassett security. She confirmed that employees were fired and some were disciplined for looking at Anthony’s medical records. She promised to return his call with the exact number of employees fired and disciplined. Instead, she sent a form letter stating that if anyone has a problem with Bassett they should contact Bassett’s lawyer in Pennsylvania. She refuses to tell Anthony’s parents how many employees violated his privacy. Some Bassett employees have estimated that as many as thirty Bassett employees looked at his records without permission.

So this is the real Bassett Healthcare which tries to compare itself to the Mayo Clinic. It is a pathetic Hillbilly outfit where neighbors use their jobs to spy on neighbors. Where local grudges are settled under the guise of medical care. So please take heed before you next visit Bassett. You have NO idea who is watching your information. And you can bet that Bassett will never tell you. After all, it may hurt their reputation. It is a despicable institution that is more concerned with its image than the privacy of its patients. And that alone puts Bassett Healthcare in the Hall of Shame.

Bassett's website states:

"Our pledge to you."

We understand that medical information about you is personal. We are committed to protecting medical information about you. We create a record of the care and services you receive to provide quality care and to comply with legal requirements. This notice applies to all of the records of your care that we maintain, whether created by facility staff or your personal doctor. We are required by law to:
•Keep medical information about you private.
•Give you this notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to medical information about you.
•Follow the terms of the notice that is currently in effect."

This "pledge" is a lie. Bassett knows your neighbors are looking at your private information, yet they will never tell you. If you are lucky a Bassett MD will visit your home to let you know what Bassett Healthcare is hiding.



Dave Bertram wears many hats. He is a Cooperstown school teacher, a slumlord, a floor refinisher, and most importantly a basketball coach. And although he lives in a $600,000 house I believe, in my humble opinion, he is a failure.

He once taught social studies in the middle school. Apparently many students liked him because he loved to joke around and did very little teaching. I have been told by many past students that he spent most of his time watching basketball on the internet instead of teaching. These same people told me that the problem became so bad that the school attempted to push him out of CCS, but Bertram refused to leave. His punishment, therefore, was a transfer to the elementary school. CCS apparently hoped this would pressure him to leave forever. How effectively he is teaching little children I do not know, but I suspect little has changed.

He has also bought up some homes that he rents out at affordable rates. Anyone who has seen a “Bertram” house can instantly see he is a slumlord who allows houses to rot into the ground. The house he rents on Walnut Street, near the elementary school, is a filthy broken down building. The Cooperstown police have been called many times over the years because of the apparent drug sales that occur there.

And, of course, there is the Bertram floor refinishing company. How does he have the time to be a good teacher and coach and still run a business such as this? I have been told that the quality of his work is very poor, and that would not surprise me, but I really don’t care. What earns him a place in the Hall of Shame is his coaching.

Bertram was a basketball coach before he came to Cooperstown. It appears winning is his primary concern. When Jeffrey Flynn was suspended from Cooperstown High School for sexually attacking younger boys I received a message stating that Linda Flynn, owner of the Copy Shop, was calling parents attempting to bribe or intimidate others to protect Jeffrey. Her stated concern was that Jeffrey would miss his basketball season. 

When Flynn took the deal for the 30 day suspension I began to hear rumors his private tutoring was being arranged at the proper times so that he could attend basketball practice and therefore begin playing as soon the suspension ended. In the meantime Flynn, along with Derek Liner, was criminally charged in the filthy sexual attacks and they now await arraignment. I, therefore, dismissed the rumors because I foolishly thought that no coach, no matter how despicable, and no school, no matter how perverted, would allow such students to play sports. I was wrong.

Jeffrey Flynn, and Liner, are now playing varsity basketball and a stunned community sits in silence. But Bertram does not care. His only comment to the newspaper was “no comment.” His only concern is a winning team. He shows no regard to what message he is teaching the young people of CCS by allowing Flynn and Liner to play. He is downplaying sexual and violent attacks at school, and he is telling victims that it is better to remain quiet. After all, the victims in this case had to overcome great shame and risk of further violence by stepping forward. And how did CCS, Bertram and DA John Muehl protect them for having the courage to speak up? No restraining order issued, a mild 30 day suspension that apparently included winter break, mild (almost laughable) criminal charges and an invitation to step right back into varsity sports. The victims are being held out to dry while Flynn and the others are being protected by CCS because they are important athletes. This is absolutely sickening.

A coach is supposed to teach character to young people, that there are more important virtues than merely winning. But there is little virtue at CSS and Dave Bertram does not appear to be a virtuous man. Even if Hebert and Cring are weak and incompetent Bertram was the last line of defense and he could have refused to allow Flynn and Liner to play. Bertram could have sent the message that violently attacking teammates is wrong and should have serious consequences. But Bertram wants to win, and he is willing to do so at any cost. And that is why he belongs in the Hall of Shame.




I thought I would start the new year with some old fashioned corruption, Hee Haw style.

Donna Yerdon is the justice for the Town of Middlefield. Of course she is not a lawyer, but instead a sixth grade teacher. She had nothing to do with this story until DA John Muehl began hatching a plan back in July 2011. Seventeen year old Anthony Pacherille was about to be sentenced and Muehly was concerned with one thing – shutting up the Pacherille family. It was clear he did not like the comments my brother had been making to the press. Also, at that time, he believed this website was the work of my brother, and old Muehly, though he claims to be thick skinned, is a whiney bitch. He needed a way to shut everyone up.

And so he did what any good old boy would do. He misused his office. It was a two prong attack on his part that he believed would silence everyone. The first step was to get Town of Otsego judge Wolff to sign a Mickey Mouse search warrant to raid my brother’s home and seize his computers. Muehl claimed computers were being used to create this website and that annoyed him. The founding fathers would have been proud.

The second step was to arrest my brother. But how? Well, he apparently brought Wesley Lippitt in and had him sign an affidavit swearing that my brother had waved to him twice in June 2011. Muehl took that affidavit and searched for a “judge” who would rubber stamp a misdemeanor arrest warrant based on waving. And he found Donna Yerdon, who signed the warrant and a restraining order because young Wesley was in such danger. My brother was arrested one week before Anthony’s sentencing – Muehly was trying to make his point very clear.

Of course Muehl did not know I was the author of this site and he could not shut me up. And so this website continued. Muehl handed his misdemeanor charges over to ADA Parshall who handles Middlefield court. JR Parshall has, from the first, shown himself to be an honest fair man with no axe to grind. Astonishingly he looked at the charges and dismissed the misdemeanors himself because HE found no basis for them. Instead he lowered the charges to mere tickets. Yerdon, a judge responsible for reviewing charges against citizens to determine whether there are sufficient grounds rubber stamped misdemeanor charges, but the ADA himself found no basis for such charges.

I began to wonder why Yerdon was overly interested in putting my brother in jail for waving to someone, and it did not take long to figure it out. The Town of Middlefield clerk, and Yerdon’s good friend, is Beth Moakler. Moakler is close friends with the Lippitts and her own son, Michael, was named by Anthony as a bully and thug. So Yerdon was in the perfect place for misuse of justice and corruption. She could help out her good friends Moakler and Muehly and the ugly circle of corruption was complete.

That is when my brother began a massive federal civil rights lawsuit against Otsego County, the Towns of Middlefield and Otsego, DA Muehl, etc. Everyone began to jump ship, especially after Judge Burns himself tried to shut up my brother, having him arrested for politely ringing his doorbell. First, two Oneonta judges recused themselves, then Muehl recused himself, ADA Parshall and ADA Getmann recused themselves, and the two Cooperstown judges recused themselves. No one from Otsego County was left to prosecute or hear the cases against my brother except, you guessed it, Donna Yerdon. Even though the new special prosecutor suggested she recuse herself because of the appearance of impropriety she refuses to let go of the case.

So there she is, a power hungry Marge Simpson, willing to misuse her office and increase the civil damages to the Town of Middlefield, in order to help her friends. She is a disgrace. She is the type of person that undermines America. And sadly, she is a teacher. That is why she deserves a special place in the Hall of Shame.




You may all remember Mr. Scalici, Cooperstown Central School Board President, because he is mentioned in the CCS section. Because of his outrageous behavior over the last month, however, he has been chosen for that coveted spot as Hall of Shamer. And it is perfect for the Christmas season because he is the gift that keeps on giving. As Board President he consistently showers the school with incompetence, arrogance and banality.

He was mentioned in the CCS section because he chose to not weigh in on the Anthony Pacherille case for nearly 15 months, and, when he finally chimed in, he showed no concern for school bullying, violence, or teen suicide. Instead he wrote a letter to the paper complaining that the Save Anthony signs should come down. He is a man concerned with a proper appearance. There certainly can be nothing rotten in Cooperstown.

And so I publically warned CCS officials, including Scalici, that measures to curb the violence were necessary or more children would be hurt. Unsurprisingly no one at CCS did a thing. They went about their business as usual until boys began to filter into Principal Cring’s office complaining that they had been sexually abused by other members of the Cooperstown Varsity Football team. At least one of those accused was a member of the Gang of Thugs. Within days a scandal began to unfold at CCS and many concerned parents went to the School Board meeting for answers.

And what did this mamaluke (Italian slang for a fool) have to offer the public? First he created a new rule. When making public comments no one could mention the name of any teacher, administrator or student. Mr. Scalici seems to have a problem with free speech. Then he went on to tell the concerned parents he could not give answers. He stated this was not a debate forum. Apparently, Mr. Scalici’s simple mind is unable to make an exception to the rule when parents are frantically searching for answers.

Later, when talking to the news, he stated his prime concern was the school’s liability. Not the welfare of children. Not a good education. Liability. Well at least we know his heart is in the right place.

And then finally, to top the tree with a star, he claimed he had no knowledge that school bullying and violence played a part in the Anthony Pacherille case. Are you that blind? That stupid? I will be happy to give you three examples, all public documents, which demonstrate that you are unfit for your position. Three examples, out of dozens available to the school, if they were in any way concerned about violence at CCS.

First, a former substitute teacher at CCS wrote the following to Judge Burns: “Anthony had never exhibited any behavior prior to this event of ever being a violent person. I do believe the reason Anthony “snapped” is because he was severely bullied, and did not want to live, and that was coupled by an undiagnosed bipolar condition that aggravated the situation….
My opinion may not matter, but I believe something may have occurred at CCS that they may be trying to cover up. Something seems suspicious about the way the students were asked not to talk about the case; so in essence, they were given a gag order. “

Second, a former student testified in an affidavit the following: “I believe the harassment and bullying started in the seventh grade and continued up to the time of the shooting. There was a group of students who used to harass Tony Pacherille on a daily basis. Some of the incidents occurred in the classroom and others occurred in the cafeteria. The harassment consisted of remarks about Tony’s Italian ethnicity and also his Catholic religion.”

Third, a current Teacher’s Aide at CCS wrote to Judge Burns: “As Tony became a teenager, I noticed that he became somewhat more moody and sensitive, and that he dropped out of team sports which seemed to frustrate him despite the fact that he was fairly athletic. I recall a day when some boys were making fun of him because they played football, while he played “The Pi-a-no.””

I could go on, but you must get the point. Cooperstown Central School has a severe, chronic problem with bullying and violence. Mr. Scalici, as Board President, is either too blind, too stupid or too arrogant to see it. He is incompetent and should resign. He shows no compassion for children. Like he said, he is only concerned with the school’s liability. And that is why he is December’s Hall of Shamer.



Because November encompasses Thanksgiving I thought this month’s Hall of Shamer should be a real turkey. Therefore, I have chosen the strange, violent and ranting Jeffrey Wilbert.

When I started this website I created the Wall of Shame, a place where I invited anyone to email me with comments, positive or negative. I made it clear that if you did not like what I had to say you could send harsh criticism and I would be happy to post it. Unlike DA John Muehl my feelings are not hurt simply because someone disagrees with me or does not like me. Unlike Mr. Muehl, I try not to be a whiney bitch.

This is when I received my first communications from Mr. Wilbert. He felt the need, not simply to criticize my website, but to threaten to kill me if I did not stop. He sent four emails in which he bragged of his US Army sniper training and suggested he would use that training to silence me. Obviously Mr. Wilbert is a true patriot and defender of the 1st Amendment. Apparently the Army taught Mr. Wilbert that the best way to silence opposition is to threaten and murder. In fact his threats are a great disgrace to the US armed forces and the many men who have given their lives to protect the rights we all freely enjoy.

I soon learned that Wilbert was the biological father of one of the gang of thugs, Jeffrey Flynn. I understand that a parent feels a strong need to defend and protect their child. No parent wants to believe their son is a bully and thug. For example, the Moaklers have sent very strong messages to me making it clear they do not approve of my reporting of the truth at Cooperstown High School. They were angry, and I understand their anger. But they did not threaten to kill me. They did not threaten to beat me. They did not say to me “one shot one kill.” There is a difference, Mr. Wilbert, between free speech and criminal speech. A difference between voicing opinion and threatening life or bodily harm. Why do you not know that?

So Mr. Wilbert was charged with a Class A Misdemeanor and he traveled to Otsego County from Florida to surrender himself. On the day after he surrendered he went to the CCS homecoming football game where he stood out on the field with his bully son. Did you feel proud of yourself Mr. Wilbert standing there next to your son? The newspaper had a nice picture of him standing out on the field, but no local paper wanted to mention his arrest. Only the Utica OD has reported the incident.

Now the police tell me Mr. Wilbert is really a good ole boy who tips the bottle too much and said some stupid things. I believe he may have a drinking problem. But I do not know whether he actually intended to murder me. I do not know if he regularly threatens violence to get his way. I do not know if he believes he is an honorable veteran. But I do know the man is a turkey and deserves a small place in the Hall of Shame.

 P.S. The Pittsburgh Steelers Suck.




A man such as this is so despicable, so vile, so contemptuous that I do not know where to begin.

He is a man who never attended law school. I do not know whether he even graduated from a college. But nevertheless he has the audacity to be Town Judge of Otsego. A man who knows nothing of the law who sits in legal judgment of others. Hypocrite.

On April 9, 2010, when Anthony Pacherille was lying in his hospital bed, heavily medicated, this is the man that John Muehl dragged in to arraign a sixteen year old boy. Rationally, legally there was no need to rush, but Muehl wanted to get his name in the paper. So he needed a stooge “judge” and Wolff is Muehl’s stooge. 

Picture a hospital room with a teenager heavily medicated, breathing with great difficulty, and this pseudo-judge enters for his formal legal proceeding. Wolff had no stenographer so he brought a laptop to record the proceeding. He never bothered to ask Anthony if he was aware of where he was or what was happening.

Instead this Hee Haw fool set his laptop on the hospital bed, put on some Halloween black robe and started reading into the computer. This was a Kafkaesque scene that only could occur in Otsego County. Other than a few family members the room was filled with over a dozen police officers and other Bassett patients complained of the noise and confusion.

Anthony sat in a fog. He did not know where he was or what was happening. No problem for Wolff. Apparently in this man’s “court” defendants don’t need to be cognitively aware. If you are breathing the proceeding moves forward. So Wolff read into a laptop as Anthony stared into space and half-witted cops acted as if they served some purpose. This is “justice” for Mr. Wolff, a man who has never read the read the Uniform Commercial Code, or studied the Constitution or sat for a bar exam.

Other than being a “judge” he is also a fireman. For all I know he probably makes ends meet by delivering the Penny Saver. 

When the proceeding was over he took off his Halloween costume, packed his computer and went home. The sad thing is that he was probably proud of himself. He probably felt important – a pillar of the community. In reality he was, and is, a joke. A pathetic whimpering man who play acts the role of a judge to feel important, not caring that he thereby undermines the American judicial system.

The final irony is that his ridiculous laptop didn’t even work and there was no record of the event. The half-wits all filed out of the room, a Bassett surgeon, David Borgstrom, got in a fight with a lawyer in the hall, and Wolff got his face on television. Anthony had no memory of the event, but who cares? Certainly not Otsego County’s Oliver Wendell Holmes. He had to get back to Fly Creek to put on his fireman’s costume. For him, every day is Halloween.






Someone who deserves a very special place of shame is Sam Pollak, the “editor” of the Daily Star aka the Daily Liar, Otsego County’s only daily paper.

From the beginning Mr. Pollak, and his toady reporter Tom Grace, sensationalized the story of Anthony Pacherille. They learned quickly that playing up the racial aspect of the story sold papers. So Mr. Pollak and Mr. Grace ignored stories of bullying and mental illness. 

When a Cooperstown student called into a live radio show in Utica to talk about bullying at Cooperstown High, and the fact that Anthony was not a racist, the Star simply ignored the story. No need to objectively inform the citizens of Otsego County.

Instead the Star ran sleazy stories that Anthony belonged to some anti-Obama groups on Facebook and several pro-Mussolini Facebook pages. Mr. Pollak made no attempt to discover that Anthony joined all of those pages just two days before attempting suicide. The Daily Star found a way to sell papers and help save their dying paper. All on the back of a sick kid. Are you proud of that Mr. Pollak?

Of course no reporter could find evidence that Anthony was a racist, so Mr. Pollak clutched to Anthony’s ranting racial suicide note. And at some point I believe Mr. Pollak actually began to believe that the scribbled nonsense of a sixteen year old boy leaving his home to commit suicide was actual objective truth.

Now at this point I must add that I believe Mr. Pollak is Jewish, and he appears to have taken the racial suicide note personally. He lost all objectivity. Seventeen year old Anthony Pacherille became a symbol to Mr. Pollak of everything he hates and fears. 

The problem is that he based his whole case on one note, ignoring most of the evidence. For example, Anthony’s psychiatrist, Dr. Simring, is Jewish and believed strongly that Anthony’s racial note was merely the product of a sick mind, not a true conviction. But Mr. Pollak no longer cared. He had his bogey man and he cheered from the sidelines when Anthony was shipped off to prison.

I believe Mr. Pollak would send anyone to prison that he believed needed to be “reeducated”. He would call them prisons, but the Nazi’s called them concentration camps. Maybe you should look closely in the mirror Mr. Pollak? Ask yourself who is the real “Nazi”?

Now, Mr. Pollak is happy to run anything negative about anyone in the Pacherille family, but he refuses to print anything favorable. Last week Anthony Pacherille Sr. gave notice that he was filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Otsego County, Oneonta, the Towns of Middlefield and Otsego, DA Muehl and Brian Burns. The Star refused to mention it. The people of Otsego County are apparently not allowed to know. Instead it was covered heavily in the Utica Observer Dispatch. Similarly, when the father of a named bully, Jeff Wilbert, was charged with making death threats against me Mr. Pollak refused to mention it. It, too, was covered in Utica.

So this is the “Orwellian” truth that exists in America’s Perfect Village. Half-truths, exaggerated rumors, politically correct commentary, and sometimes downright untruths. That is why Mr. Sam Pollak belongs in the Hall of Shame.




NOTICE: This website contains information which has been reported to me by a number of sources. 
Also, this site contains opinions and political satire. 

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